Weblium Website Builder Reivew: First Look

What is the Webilium Website builder, and should you consider it for building your website with? Let’s find out in this review!

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Setting up your website with Weblium

The sign up process with Weblium is very straight forward. You can even get started for free to see if you like it. After signing up Weblium offers a ton of templates.

Weblium website templates

These are great starting points for inspiration. They can also be huge time savers to help you get started.

What I like about Weblium is that you are not locked in to anything when you select a template. You can restyle and configure your website the way you want it regardless of the template you choose to start with.

Site style settings

Setting up some of the basic ground rules for what your site style is going to be is an important part of building a website. When I start building a website I like to have my color pallet and fonts set up.

Webium website color pallets
Weblium website font pairings.

Weblium offers site style settings that offer some pre-selected color pallets and font pairing for you. You can also manually select your own color pallet and font pairings.

Having the ability to set up your websites fonts and colors helps to keep the look of your website consistent. It also helps you to build your website more quickly because you don’t need to constantly be adjusting

Using the website builder

The Weblium website builder skips the side bar drag and drop style for a popup tools as needed builder style.

I like this style because it allows you to get the same view of your website that your visitors will have as you are building. I also think that it allows you to build quickly.

Adding a new section to your pages

To add a new section to your site you click on the plus icon at the top or bottom of an existing section. This opens up a full window that offers you several pre-made website section designs. This is great for inspiration as well as helping you build your website faster.

Weblium page blocks or sections.

You also have the option to select a custom section, or block, this is a blank block that you can add your content to.

Adding content to your pages

Once you have added a section, or as Weblium calls them blocks, to you page you can add content. This works in a similar way to adding a new page section. Look for the plus icon bellow an existing piece of content.

This will open up a pop up that offers a whole selection of content types from the basics of text, images and buttons to more advanced content types like icon lists, forms and social icons.

Weblium content elements.

There is even a tablet and phone mock up block that you can use to show off what your new app will look like on a tablet or mobile phone! Lots of great options!

There is also a nice option for restaurant menus, including icons for things like vegetarian, spicy and gluten free!

Responsive website design

Weblium helps you build responsive websites that will look great on any device. I used some of the advanced alignment functions for the columns and images to adjust my designs to make them look even better on tablets and mobile.

The preview function allows you to view what your layout would look like on desktop tablet and phone.

Weblium responsive design preview.


Weblium offers limited blog functionality. It is nice that they do offer some blogging functionality. With one main feed and no category options. This is fine for people who only plan on doing light blogging. Hopefully they will extend the capability of this functionality in the future.

Weblium blog page.

Portfolio and personal websites

Weblium is a great choice for a basic portfolio website or a personal website. There are several different nice looking layouts to present your portfolio images. Including a standard grid, masonry, and an alternation large and small image layout.

Weblium portfolio page.

Customer Support

The customer support response from Weblium blew me away! Weblium offers a chat button that appears at the bottom of the builder.

Many of the website building companies that I have tested offer this functionality, but most still take several hours to several days to get back to you. Weblium support answered my questions in about 15 -20 minutes.

Weblium customer support.

Fast responding support like this can be a real time saver in helping you build your website.

I hope that Weblium can keep up this level of customer support.


Weblium offers a lot of great features in an easy to use package. I love the ability to set up my site style like fonts and colors right from the beginning.

They offer a nice selection of templates as starting points to help you get inspired and start building your website.

The main down side is that the blogging functionality is limited, but most people don’t actually blog regularly so the basic functionality that they offer will work for most people.

If you own a small business or restaurant and you need to build your own website Weblium is a great choice.

Try Weblium for free and see if it works for your needs!

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