11 Best blog templates

Best WordPress Blog Templates for Elementor Pro Tested and Reviewed

Finding a Blog template for WordPress and Elementor Pro can be overwhelming. There are thousands of options, but how to you find one that is actually well designed with out spending hours looking at each and every template available?

I did all the legwork for you, spending countless hours exploring and personally testing numerous blog templates for Elementor Pro. In this post I’ll share with you the top blog templates for WordPress and Elementor pro and give you some tips on how to choose the right blog template for your project!

Why Use A WordPress Blog Template for Elementor?

In one word Flexibility. WordPress themes are great, but changing the design of a WordPress theme requires you to actually change the code of the theme. When you build a website with Elementor pro you can use the Elementor page builder to design every aspect of your website from the home page to the header and footer and the look and feel of your blog pages too!

Using a WordPress Blog Template for Elementor gives you the professional design of a WordPress theme, but allows you to easily make the changes that you want to that theme, without you needing to know how to code.

What to Look for in a Blog Template

Elementor templates are a fantastic way to quickly create a blog website with a professional design. Using an Elementor blog template kit is like using a WordPress theme, but one that you can control the design of easily using the Elementor builder.

Before we dive into the best templates, let’s quickly discuss why using an Elementor template kit may be beneficial for your blog website.

  • Save time and effort: With a pre-designed template, you can quickly set up your blog website without spending hours designing it from scratch.
  • Easy customization: Elementor allows for easy customization of templates, so you can still add your personal touch to the design of your blog.
  • Professional design: Most template kits are created by professional designers, giving your blog website a polished and visually appealing look.
  • Responsive design: With Elementor, you can ensure that your blog website will be responsive and optimized for all devices.

How to Choose the Best Elementor Template Kit for Your Blog Website

With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect Elementor template kit for your blog website. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision:


When you’re looking for a template kit, make sure it matches your brand and style. This part can be a bit tricky because the colors and images used in the template can really influence how you perceive the design. Take a moment to really look at it and imagine how it would look with your own color scheme and photos. You’ll be surprised how much just changing the colors can transform the look of a template.

In my testing, I checked each template and evaluated how easy it was to customize the colors to match your brand.


One of the great things about using an Elementor template is getting predesigned page and page section layouts that you need. Especially important for a blog website is having great looking Single Post and Archive Blog pages. ( The single post page is the design of your individual posts, and the archive blog page is the design of your main posts page ).

When browsing template kits, be sure to check out the different layouts they offer for these pages. See if they have different options for displaying your blog posts, such as a grid or list view. Also, consider if they have any unique layout designs that could make your blog stand out.

In looking for great Elementor blog templates I was surprised how many of them that claimed to be for blog websites, but didn’t include layouts for single post or archive page layouts!


Another major factor to consider is how easy it is to customize the template. While most templates will require some level of customization, some may be more difficult than others.

This is difficult to evaluate with out actually installing the the template. What you are looking for is did the designer of the template correctly link the colors and fonts they used on the pages with the global colors and fonts in Elementor.

All of the templates I have included in my list of best Elementor templates for blogs did a good job in this area. The scores I gave for global color usability really varied more on the type of design and if that design type would still look good if other colors were chosen.

The Testing Criteria

I started out by looking thru a bunch of WordPress blog templates and evaluated them on their over all design. I then took the best ones and tested them on a live website to see if they not only looked good, but worked properly.
  • Did the design look complete and useful?
  • How many additional plugins were required?
  • Did the template offer Single and Blog Page Archive options? (Surprsingly some “Blog Templates” didn’t include templates for the actual blog pages)
  • Can you use the images featured in the template on your own website?
  • Were there an over use of animations in the design? (too many of the good designs over used animations so I wasn’t able to cut them, you’ll just have to manually turn them off 🙄)

This lead me to:

Top 11 Blog Template For WordPress And Elementor Pro

DeeFM blog website template for WordPress and Elementor Pro
Overall score

DeeFM Blog Template

This blog template has a sleek professional dark look. Ideal for a techy company or blog.
PoetNote blog template for WordPress and Elementor Pro
Overall score

PoetNote Blog Template

A simple blog template reminiscent of the Inkcraft Template, but with fewer elements.
iGUE Blog template for WordPress and Elementor Pro
Overall score

iGUE Blog Template

The website template has a bold look that initially catches attention, but it has limitations in terms of functionality and design.
Inkcraft Blog Template for WordPress and Elementor Pro
Overall score

Inkcraft Blog Template

This is a great choice for a blog template with lots of well thought out layout options.
Zetto Blog Template for WordPress and Elementor Pro
Overall score

Zetto Blog Template

Overall a great website template with a bold aesthetic and flexible design.
Poet & Pen Blog Template for WordPress and Elementor Pro
Overall score

Poet & Pen Blog Template

This WordPress blog template offers a minimal and attractive design with visually pleasing elements.
Voisce Blog Template for WordPress and Elementor Pro
Overall score

Voisce Blog Template

This Elementor blog template has a clean and corporate design, offering useful section designs and a card-style archive template
Mystic Blog Template for WordPress and Elementor Pro
Overall score

Mystic Blog Template

Great looking dark blog template for WordPress.
Podkes Blog Template for WordPress and Elementor
Overall score

Podkes Blog Template

The template has a clean design with a subdued color palette, good for a blog, non-profit or pod cast.
Kanawa Blot Template for WordPress and Elementor Pro
Overall score

Kanawa Blog Template

A sylish blog template for any one with great photos, like a travel blogger, youtube channel or tech blogger.
Blog Hive Blog template for WordPress and Elementor Pro
Overall score

Blog Hive Template Review

The Blog Hive template offers a clean and well-structured design for a blog website, with multiple options for home page, single blog, and blog archive layouts.


So, there you have it some awesome WordPress blog templates that you can use with Elementor Pro. Whether you’re redesigning an existing site or launching a new blog these templates can help you get going faster.

Don’t forget to tweak, experiment, and have a blast with your new blog design. After all, that’s part of the fun of building your own blog!