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Benefits To Making Your Own Website:

1. Get your website up and running quickly.
By building your own website you can get it going faster. You don’t need to find a website developer then explain what you want. You can just start working on it. Most of my website building tutorials and guides are free. You can use them to start making your own website right now.
2. Save yourself a ton of money.
Hiring a professional web designer is expensive. I will admit that hiring a great professional website designer can be well worth the money, but unfortunately not everyone has the funds to hire a professional designer. Building your own site can save you money.
3. Make changes to your website quickly.
This is probably the number one reason that people have told me that they wanted to make their own website. You don’t need to wait for anyone to make changes to your website. Once you have built your own website you will also know how to quickly and easily make changes to it.

Steps To Make Your Own Website

1. Take a moment and think about what you would like your website to be able to do.
The features or things that you would like your website to be able to do now and in the future. This will help you to decide the best path to making your website
2. Choose a website platform.
Based on what you want your website to be able to do, choose the platform and tools that will best allow you to accomplish your goals now and in the future. You can check out my guide on the best ways to make a website.
3. Get a domain name.
The next step is to register your domain name. Most hosting companies can also register your domain name for you. You may want to register your domain name with a separate company. I have a tutorial on the company that I use to register my domain names with, Dreamhost.
4. Setup website hosting.
If you have an all in one website platform your hosting is already built in, but if you have chosen an open source platform like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla you will need to signup and setup a hosting company.
5. Install any tools that you need to help you design your website and webpages.
With some platforms you may need to install themes or design tools to help you build your webpages.
6. Install any plugins or features that you need to add functionality to your website.
Depending on the platform you choose you may need to activate or install plugins of features to get functionality like a blog, online store or anything extra that you would like your website to be able to do.

Ready to Get Started?

There are lots of different ways to build a website.

I want to help you find the best way for you to build your website.

If you are ready to get started right now and want to use my top recomended method and tutorial for building a website. In it I’ll walk you thru everything right from the begining. I’ll cover how to think about design and walk you thru how to setup everything that you need to build your site. Then show you how to get started building your webpages.

If you want to explore what your options are for building a website you can check out my guide to all of the different ways to easily build a website. You can read this and make an informed decesion on what might be the best way for you to build your website.

Want To Start Building Your Website Now?

Disclosure: My recommendations on this site are the same advice that I would give to a friend. In most cases my top recommendations are the tools and services that I use myself. I use affiliate links throughout this site. These links cost you nothing extra, in some cases they will provide you with a discount. If you use these links and get the product I’ll receive a commission. This helps me keep this website running. Thanks for your Support

A New Website. A New Oportunity.

A website can open up a whole new world of opportunity. It can be the start of a new career or the best way to launch a new venture.

My tutorials and the tools I recommend focus on helping you get started easily. It’s really easy to over complicate the process of building a site. Building a website today does not have to be hard.

There are awesome, powerful and easy to use tools that you can use and take advantage of to build just about any kind of website.

In my free course I’ll introduce you to my top recommended easy to use website tools and show you how to use them.


Why Real Website Hints?

I genuinely want to help you make a great website. It doesn’t matter if you want to make a website, because you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, small organization or non-profit, I’ll introduce you to the best and easiest ways of making high quality websites.

A website is one of the most important tools that any organization can have. It is a major tool that can be used to accelerate your grown and your success. You shouldn’t have to wait to get your website done.

I’m Tim Martin and I want to help you make your own webite!

I’m not some sort of code writing Genius. Or website Guru. I’m just an average guy looking to help the average guy or gal find the best and easiest way of building a quality website.

I struggled building my first website. I tried at least a dozen different platforms and themes until I found something that was actually easy enough and flexible enough to allow me to build and design my first site.

I started Real Website Hints to test and review website building tools and services. Looking for the best tools that will allow anyone to quickly and easily build and maintain a quality website.

My free course is where I have put everything that I’ve learned into one place so that I can save you as much time and frustration in building your website as Possible.

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