About Tim Martin

I’ll show you what works so you can avoid what doesn’t.

Tim-Martin I’m Tim Martin, and I’m on a mission to help you create websites without tearing your hair out… Well, without tearing it out too much… I’m not a website ninja, I’m the kind of guy who has slightly above average computer skills, and I want to share with you some great ways to put websites together with the minimum amount of fuss. This blog is dedicated to helping you avoid the mistakes I have made and to provide you with the best hints, tips and techniques to move your web project forward. Think of it like a video game walk thru. I’ll show you where all the cool stuff is while helping you to avoid getting smashed in the head by the bad guy. Building websites should be rewarding and maybe even fun, not frustrating and annoying.

 My story

My life as a web developer all started when I took up the challenge to overhaul the website of the company that I work for. It seemed like it should be a fun easy project. Plus I negotiated for 3 months of telecommuting from… Richmond, VA (that’s another story though). The thinking was of course that I needed to “concentrate” on the project. I needed space away from  all of the distractions at work. I was sure that the project was going to be a piece of cake. Lots of time for me to have fun, and just a few hours a day working on the website… Well, it didn’t quite go down like that. As it turned out it took me every bit of that 3 months. It was 3 months filled with road blocks, setbacks and lots and lots of frustration. I felt like I was scrambling  all over the web to find out how to do the simplest of things. I crammed in a month of learning some basic PHP and CSS just to make a few simple things work on the only WordPress theme I could find that would cover the basics of what my company needed. I went from cocky and optimistic to defeated and  frustrated in 3 mo. I finished the project, but it was a tough ride. I want to help you avoid as much of the frustration as possible. This blog is dedicated give you all the hints I have to make your project fun and rewarding. Since my first big web project I have built numerous other sites and I have found lots of tools and techniques that make WordPress web development almost easy…. almost.

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