What Is The Best Web Hosting

And The Best WordPress Hosting?

What Is The Best Web Hosting? My Picks For The Best Web Hosgint and WordPress Hosting

How I decided on the best web hosting.

You can’t have a website with out web hosting, but how do you find the best web hosting or the best WordPress hosting?

I went out and did it the hard way, I purchased hosting from several different web hosting companies so that I could report back to you which ones I think are the best.

I focus on helping people get started building their first websites using the best and easiest tools available that are also flexible. Right now I think that the WordPress platform is the best and easiest way to build a website. So my testing was all based on building WordPress websites.

Use What’s Right For You!

The best web hosting isn’t the same for every one. If you are just starting out with your first website you are probably going to want to use a web hosting company with better tutorials and an easier to use interface. Price or speed might be a more important factor. If you already have a website that’s doing well or if you are looking for top performance you might want to go with specialty WordPress managed hosting for maximum speed and performance.

On this page I want to help you find the best web hosting for what you need right now. The great thing about using a platform like WordPress to build your website on is that you can always move your website to a different hosting company later when you needs change.

A quick note about this review. I have purchased hosting with all of these companies myself. I have also tried several other web hosting companies that don’t meet my standards for “best web hosting”. If you like this review you can use the links to the hosting companies that I provide on this page. Some of the links will offer you special discounts and they also provide me with a small commission that helps me to continue to purchase and test hosting companies and website building tools. Thanks for your support!

Best Web Hosting For Beginners

Bluehost is my top choice for beginners. They offer the best tutorials on how to use their service and the widest range of additional support for beginners. Bluehost’s standard shared hosting and are great for getting started with WordPress. And they have some of the lowest introductory pricing offers that you will find.

Favorite feature:

The most confusing thing for beginners with hosting is figuring out how to use the hosting control panel.

Most companies use cPanel or a modified version which is the industry standard for hosting settings and controls. If you are not used to using cPanel it can be a bit difficult to figure out what you need to do.

Bluehost uses a modified version of cPanel, but they added a very useful tutorial feature to help you learn how to use it.

They call it walk me thru. You can find it at the bottom left of the cPanel when you are logged into your hosting. Click on it and you can choose to be shown how to do the most common tasks.

Just about everything on their cPanel seems to have either an explanation on it or has links to explanations about it. They have also laid out their cPanel with the most commonly used items where they are easy to find. It’s really easy to learn about what each item does and how it works.


Bluehost does offer some of the best introductory pricing, but to take full advantage of that low pricing you do need to commit to 3 year of hosting with them, but at their introductory rates 3 years of hosting costs the same as 1 year of hosting with other web hosting companies so not a bad deal.

Best Low Cost Web Hosting For Speed

SiteGround is widely known for it’s server speed even on it’s base shared hosting plans. SiteGround prides themselves on their server setup. Their server hardware features all solid state drives which helps your website to load faster, they have also taken careful consideration on the server software configuration to help their customers sites run quickly and securely.

When you install WordPress with SiteGround they install some important plugins to give you site some basic security protection and speed improvements.

One other great thing about SiteGround is their support team. Getting a hold of a support agent has always been very quick in my experience and their support staff always has had the answer that I was looking for right away.

Favorite feature:

My favorite feature of SiteGround is of course it’s server speed. For the price that you pay for your hosting you get some of the best web hosting speed.


SiteGround has very low introductory rates often your first term with then is offered at 60% off, check the link below, and even with this low introductory rate you still get amazing speed and performance so it’s a great deal!

Best Straight Forward Hosting Company

Dreamhost is the best hosting company for it’s straight forward options. They don’t offer many sales or introductory pricing offers. They don’t have many up-sells. They also offer one of the best money back guarantees at $97. Dreamhost simply relies on it’s fair pricing and performance to get sales.

I’ve been with Dreamhost for almost 10 years and have been really happy with their services.

Dreamhost is good all around web hosting company with all Solid State Drive hosting and well configured server hardware and software they are very good in the speed department.

If you don’t like being constantly bombarded with additional options and services Dreamhost is a good choice. They offer basic hosting at a fair price.

Their base shared hosting plan also allows you to build an unlimited number of websites and host an unlimited amount of emails. With the other hosting companies on my list you would have to step up to a higher level plan and a higher price, after the introductory rate, to get the unlimited capabilities.

Favorite Feature:

Dreamhost has quality hosting, but my favorite feature is their Domain registration.

I use Dreamhost for registering all of my domain names because they have fair domain name pricing and they include domain privacy for free. Most companies charge anywhere from $9.95 – $24 to add domain privacy!

Domain privacy keeps your mailing address, phone number and email address from being publicly listed. This might not sound like a big deal, but I made the mistake of using another registrar once with out domain privacy and it didn’t take long until I was bombarded with spam, junk mail and annoying robo-calls.


If you’re interested in getting hosting with Dreamhost using this link will give you $25 dollars off of your first year of hosting when you sign up for a 1 year plan.

Which Web Host Should You Choose?

These are all great options. If you are completely new to websites or don’t feel very technically confident go with Bluehost.

If you really want low cost and speed SiteGround is the best choice.

If you want reliable hosting without lots of up-sells and free domain privacy Dreamhost is the best option.

Again these are all great choices the most important thing is to just get started and build your website! You can’t really make a wrong choice with these hosting companies. All of them offer a money back guarantee period and you can always move your website in the future!

What’s Next?

If you need help building your first website check out my free online course. I’ll walk you thru how to think about designing your first website, then I’ll show you exactly how to set up and configure hosting with each of these web hosting companies. You’ll learn how to install WordPress and then my favorite tool for building and designing WordPress Websites.