How To Install WordPress Locally or How To Use WordPress Offline On Your Mac.

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Sometimes you just want to work on your website locally offline. I’ve done a previous tutorial on how to do that with MAMP, but this is much much easier!

Links bellow are sponsored links, they provide me with a little bit of compensation that help me to produce the free tutorials and product reviews that I do on this site and on my Youtube Channel. 

The tool is called Local by Flywheel. It’s simple and easy to use it’s actually crazy easy to use. Check it out.

I also recommend checking out Flywheel hosting. It’s a “premium” hosting company but I think that it’s an amazing value. If you look at most discount hosting companies the actual price of their services goes up after the introductory period. Flywheel comes standard with lots of necessary features for keeping your life simple that you would have to pay extra for with discount hosting companies. I think when you add in the extras on discount hosting companies you’ll actually find that Flywheel is not only easy to use, but a great value.

Check out Flywheel for yourself!

Move your website

If you want to move your website from your local host to your live hosting company or the other way around check out my tutorial on how to easily move your WordPress website.


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