How To Move Your WordPress Website.

If you are looking for a super easy way to move a WordPress website the video I created below will show you how to do it. The tool is free to use as long as your site is fairly small. If it’s larger you will have to pay to use it.

The only thing that you need to make this work is to have WordPress installed on the site that you are moving it to.

Also check out my video on how to install WordPress on your Mac. I was shocked at how easy it is!


  1. This is super helpful! Would I use this method if I am developing a subdomain and want to transfer that to the main domain? (Currently the main domain does not have wordpress, but I could install it for this)

    • Yes that will work! Just install WordPress on your new site. Once you have transferred your site remember that it will use the Username and Password of the site that you transferred.

  2. Will this work if the main domain already uses WordPress and is filled with content/plug-ins/etc? I am using a dreamhosters subdomain to design/build a new site for my client.

    • Yep this should work. Depending on how big your site is you may need to by the professional version. However if you are going to keep your site on dreamhost. I would suggest contacting dreamhost technical support. They maybe able to just point the domain that you want to that site. Then you won’t have to move anything!

  3. Trying to install the all in one plugin and I am restricted from doing this. ???? Site is hosted on godaddy using The7 theme.
    Any suggestions? Thanks!

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