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PageCloud is a website builder for those people who like page layout programs like indesign, powerpoint or Affinity publisher. It provides much more control over the precise location of website elements then most other drag and drop website builders.

So what is it like to use? I took it for a test drive to find out!

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Signing up for PageCloud

PageCloud has a very easy sign up process and even offer a free trial so that you can see if PageCloud is right for you.

One of the things that impressed me the most about the free trial is that it also give you access to their really great technical support. So if you have any questions or problems getting started feel free to reach out to them using the help button at the bottom of the website builder interface.

Getting Started Building A Website With PageCloud

Website Templates

PageCloud offers several different template to help you get started. These templates offer pre-made sections that you can modify and add your own content to. The templates don’t lock you into a particular look like they do with some other website builders. You can modify, change and create any look you see in the website templates using the tools provided.

Setting Up The Builder

One of the first things that I like to do when I start building a website is to set up some of the basic design properties that I want a website to have. This make building your website go a lot faster. I like to set up my default fonts and font sizes. The base color of my fonts and page backgrounds.

Setting these items up keeps me from wasting a lot of time. Unfortunately PageCloud doesn’t offer default settings like these. With each new section or content element that you add to your website you need to manually re adjust all of the settings like font, color and size.

That’s to bad, because it turns what could be a pretty fast website building experience into a more frustrating and time consuming one.

The Website Builder Interface

The PageCloud website builder interface is very similar to most other website builders out there. There is a dash board on the side with the different types of content that you can add to your page.

The first item is sections and this allows you to see each of page sections as a graphical interface box. This makes moving sections on your page really easy.

Something that I found missing from the sections was a nice image snapshot of what the sections I created looked like. The sections either defaulted to

There are also content modules for images, text, video buttons forms and icons. Unfortunately these all have there own default styling so to you will have to modify them to match the look of your website.

Adding A New Section

Adding a new section to one of your pages is easy just hover over the line between sections on an existing page until the plus icon show up. This will open up a screen with the available pre-made page sections from your template.

You can also choose sections from any of the other templates that PageCloud offers or their template libraries.

Website Responsiveness

Does PageCloud make responsive websites. Yes, but it’s not the typical way that people thing of responsive websites, and that ok.

Most people when they think of responsive website design think of the content flowing around as the window gets bigger or smaller.

Page cloud sets 2 different main layout styling your pages, one for desktop and tablet and one for mobile. These styles both exist on your pages this is good for SEO because they are not creating a separate page for desktop and mobile.

This is also good for people who like their objects to be fixed in place and not floating around. If you want you images or other elements to stay where you put them and not floating all over the place based on the window size you will like working with PageCloud.

The one downside is that you will need to spend a bit of extra time ensuring that the mobile page style works well for your viewers. This maybe more time consuming, but if you do it right it can actually provide a better user experience on all devices.

Number One Feature Of PageCloud? Rockstar Customer Support

The thing that impressed me the most about PageCloud was their rockstar customer support. I had a few issues, and a few questions as I was getting started building my first website with PageCloud. Their tech support was usually back to me with in a couple of hours with either a fix or a really good answers.

If customer support is important to you, PageCloud has it!


PageCloud is a website builder designed for people who like page layout design programs. If most website builders frustrate you because your design elements are always floating around in relation to your other elements you will like using PageCloud.

It would be really nice to have default font, background and styles across your entire website to help you get your design done faster.

The headline feature of PageCloud for me was their awesome customer support!

Try PageCloud for yourself and see if it’s the website builder you have been looking for.


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