Installing an WordPress Premium Theme and Plugin Beaver Builder Example

How to install a WordPress theme and plugin  [ How To Make A Website 2016 BB Ep. #02 ]

This is part two of my how to make a website tutorial for WordPress. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to install a premium WordPress theme and plugin. In this series we are using the Beaver Builder Theme and Plugin. If you haven’t purchased the Beaver Builder theme and plugin yet or if you would like to learn more about it; you can head over to

Download The Beaver Builder Theme and Plugin 

Once you purchased your premium theme, in this case Beaver Builder, the next step is to download the theme files and the plugin files.

On the beaver builder home page go to account and login.

After you have logged in go to Account and then download and orders.

You license key will appear near the top and the downloadable files the theme and Plugin will be below that.

Download the Beaver Builder Plugin and theme to your computer. These files need to remained zipped in order to work. Then either copy your license key or keep this window open so that you can come back to it.

Why use the Beaver Builder Theme?

So the first thing that we are going to do is to install the beaver builder theme. I like to use the Beaver Builder theme with the Beaver Builder plugin, because it just works right. I also feel confident that it will continue to work with out any problems. If you use another theme I found in testing that most other themes don’t give me the full design flexibility. The plugin will work, but it may not give you your desired results.

Install the Theme

Login to the back end of your WordPress website go to Appearances > Themes at the top click on the “Add New” button. Then at the top again click on the “Upload Theme” button. Click on the “choose file” button and browse to where you downloaded the Beaver Builder Theme file. Select it and then click “Install Now”

The theme will install. Then click on the Activate button to make this your active theme.

Next we need to install the Beaver Builder Page Builder Plugin.

Install the Plugin

In the dash board select Plugins > Add New or Click on Plugins and click Add new at the top. Then click on upload Plugin. Choose the Beaver Builder Plugin file that you saved to your computer. Be sure that it is the zipped file.

Click Activate Plugin

For this plugin we want to enable updates. To do that we need to add our license key. After installing the plugin a green bar at the top will ask you to enable remote updates. You can either click on that to add your license key or you can go to:

Settings > Page Builder > License

Get you license key from your the Beaver Builder website under your account and then Downloads & Orders.

Add the license to the license filed and then click on save license.

That’s it for installing the Theme and Plugin. In the next section we will configure and customize the Theme and plugin and get it ready to build our site.

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