Quickly build a portfolio website

Who would think that it could actually be fun to build a portfolio website? I did my first look at the Jimdo website builder and I really enjoyed it! I decided to build myself a Portfolio website with Jimdo, because I know that I could get it done really quickly.

I found Jimdo to be a really intuitive and easy to use platform for building basic websites like a portfolio website. If you are want to build a portfolio website of your own I put together this tutorial on how you can do it quickly with Jimdo.

Try Jimdo yourself for free. If you use the link and decide to pay for Jimdo you’ll be supporting this website and these free tutorials and reviews. Thanks for your support.

Try Jimdo for free.

Check out the completed portfolio page that I created. Tim Martin Photography.

If you have any questions about Jimdo or building a portfolio website leave them in the comments below.

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