Free Website Templates for WordPress That Are Amazing!

Build your website, get it done faster and cheaper with these free WordPress themes and free website templates.

WordPress themes used to decide the look of your website. Now with Gutenberg, Elementor and Beaver Builder the themes just facilitate the structure of your website, but now the design is so much easier to modify without needing to know code.

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The best WordPress themes available now provide you with great starting website templates. Designs that look great and that you can easily modify to fit your content.

Real Website Hints was created, because of my frustration with finding good, cheap and easy ways to build great looking websites. Now things are really different from 10 years ago when I started Real Website Hints.

In just a few clicks you can get website hosting, email and set up WordPress. Now with these free WordPress themes and website templates you can have a complete, beautifully designed website simply by adding your own content and using just the page sections that you need.

I tested all of these website templates with the WordPress Gutenberg builder. I just see so much potential in the future of Gutenberg. Many of these templates are also available for Elementor or Beaver Builder if you prefer one of those page builders.

Need help getting one of these great websites up and running? Check out my tutorial on how to set up your website, professional email and WordPress.

Best Blogging Website Templates For WordPress

Blogging is what WordPress is all about. These two free blogging templates for WordPress look great, are easy to use and best of all they are FREE! Check them out!

Recipe Blog from Kadence

This template has a great clean look. It’s very basic but a great starting point.

Being able to add a selection of blog posts to different parts of your website can be a great tool for exposing your audience to more of your content. The Kadence block page builder provides a block that allows you to add posts to any page. You can also control which posts show up, and how they look.

Kadence offers a few different layout options for your blog page. Which are simple, but also look great.

Tasty from Blocksy

If you are looking to build a blog website Blocksy is my favorite theme for creating a great looking blog.

What I really like about the Blocksy theme, are all of the post view setting options. You have several list or grid options. You can also further style the look of these layouts with a boxed look, drop shadow, control the radius around the boxed look and several other options.

Side bar controls, just lots of really great options.

There were a few other blog templates that I liked, but really you could take any of the templates that they have and make them into a great look blog site.

Best Free Website Templates for Restaurants

If you are looking to build a restaurant website and keep your costs low you want to use one of the free templates from the Astra theme. The free Astra theme comes with the Spectra page builder.

The free version of Spectra for Gutenberg offers a great pricing list block. Most other page builders require that you have the paid version of their page builder to use a pricing block or element.

Using the free Spectra pricing block makes building and editing your restaurant menu much easier then designing the layout of each item manually.

Here are my two top picks for free restaurant website templates.

BBQ theme from Astra

This BBQ website template is very simple and good looking. I think that it’s the kind of theme is very flexible and could be easily used by many different types of restaurants.

Deli theme from Astra

This deli restaurant template has many page section options. You can pick and choose the sections that you want to use and that fit with your content. I also like the menu page as a great starting point, you can then use the price list block to get different looks.

Local Business Website Templates

I found quite a few great looking website templates for local businesses. These three here I felt had the right look to fit many different types of small businesses.

Blocksy Cleaning

The clean bold look of this WordPress Website template offers great versatility.

I could see also being used not only for the suggested cleaning business, but also for a more technical type of service company like HVAC or a mechanic shop.

Swap out some of the graphics, the images and text and your ready to go.

Astra Windows and Doors

This simple small business template is great for those businesses looking for lead generation and answering some of the most common questions that prospective clients might have.

It offers a nice clean look that will gain the trust of your prospective customers.

It’s also easy to modify and make it work for your needs.

Kadence Cleaning

Kadence Cleaning Template with Default Colors
Kadence Cleaning Template with Alternate colors

Simply by changing the color pallet of this template I can see using this template for anything from the suggested cleaning service to a local contracting business or local IT service company. I love this feature of the Kadence templates.

Fitness Coaches, Gym or Small business website templates

Astra Fitness Trainer

Great example of a one page website template that I can see being used like they show here for a hard core fitness coach, but I could also see it being used for a local technical type service company like computer repair, or IT support.

The design says serious. If your business is serious and focused on the technical aspects this template is for you.

Astra Yoga Instructor

Great simple theme with several different page sections to use. Perfect for the example of the Yoga instructor. Or swap out the included logos for a different type of business.

Check it out for yourself.

Blocksy Yogi

Not only would this be a great theme for a yoga studio or fitness trainer.

I could see this website template being used for someone with a youtube channel about fitness or yoga.

Great variety of page sections and looks plus the Blocksy WordPress theme offers some great styling for blogs.

Charity and Non profit Website templates

Non profits who are looking for donations or to spread the message about who they are trying to help or what they are trying to do have several great options for free templates. I’ll highlight two here:

Kadence Hearts

The Hearts website template is a great choice for charities or non profits.

The people behind the Kadence theme also know a thing or two about creating charity and non-profit websites. They are the same team behind the Give WP plugin for donations.

This website template also offers lots of options for page sections to choose from. What ever you want to say on your site you’ll find a premade section to say it in, or of course you can create your own section design.

Blocksy Charity

I like the bold style that Blocksy in combination and the Stackable Gutenberg block plugin give to the Charity website template. I also enjoyed using Blocksy in combination with the Stackable plugin. It offers great results and is easy to use.

These free website templates are just my current top pics, but there are many more great free and paid website templates from these WordPress theme makers. If you need to build a great looking site you should check them out for yourself.

Astra Theme

My top pick for using the Gutenberg builder. Mostly because of their Spectra page builder plugin for WordPress that offers a lot of great blocks for free that many other page builders charge for.

Blocksy Theme

This theme has several great looking free website templates and I think that the theme is a great choice for blogs simply because of the great looking styles for your blog pages.

Kadence Theme

The Kadence block plugin that comes with the free theme offers some really nice and useful blocks. I particularly like the good use of color palettes. Each single template really gives you several different looks just by chaining the color palette.

Choose a theme and website template and start building

It’s an exciting time to be building a website. There has never been a time where the tools have been so good and so easy to use. You don’t need to know how to design a website. Simply start out with one of these great designs and get started!

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