First look website builder review of Jimdo.

Website Builder Review

Could Jimdo help you build a website Quickly and easily?

In this review I take a first look at the website builder Jimdo. I’m always looking for the best ways of building great websites easily. On Jimdo’s website they claim to be “The easist way to build a website”. After a first look I was impressed by how easy it is to work with.

Getting started building a website with Jimdo.

When you fist sign up for Jimdo it uses a walk thru feature to help you build your website. It asks you some basic questions about the kind of website you want to build, with various different levels from a personal website to a full on e-commerce website.

At first there are not a whole lot of options. If you are a control freak you might not like that. If you just want someone to guide you through building your website this felt like a pretty fast way to do it. Once you get out of the initial set up walk through you will get some more options and have the opportunity to change your mind.

Adding in your content and building your pages.

After the initial set up Jimdo creates several pages for you with demo content. Along the right hand side is another set up assistant that walks you through the steps you need to customize and add content to your website.

I was really impressed with this feature. It’s had most of the same recommendations that I suggest in my how to build a website tutorials. Decide on your website colors, choose your fonts add in your logo then add in your content.

Oh yeah! There is also a free logo builder that you can use if you don’t have your own logo yet!

If you have an existing business with a Google Business page or a Facebook business page it will help pull information from those places on to your website. (I didn’t have a chance to test that in this first look, but I’ll be looking more closely at that in my Jimdo website builder full review.)

If you are interested in trying Jimdo use the links on this page. These links help to support this website so that I can purchase and test website building products. Thanks for your support!

Getting a basic website up quickly.

In about an hour and a half of using Jimdo I was able to create a nice looking portfolio website. The demo content offered some great ideas on what I might want to say on my website. I also really liked the layout options for the different sections, or blocks on each page.

Test out Jimdo for yourself for free.

Things that Jimdo might be lacking

I was impressed with how quickly I was able to create a great looking website with Jimdo, but there do seem to be some limitations to the platform. I’ll be looking at these more in-depth in my full Jimdo review.

I did not see any way to create a blog on my website. If you want more then a brochure style website Jimdo might not be a good fit.

The base plan that I selected is limited to 10 website pages. This is probably fine for many small businesses and personal websites, but maybe more limiting if you want to have more content. Of course you can step up to some of the higher plans for more pages.

Jimdo does create a mobile friendly version right out of the box, but there does not seem to be a way of customizing the look of the mobile page.

This was my first look at Jimdo, so I might learn more about the platform and how to use it. This may change my opinions on these aspects.

Over all first impressions of Jimdo website builder?

I was really impressed with my fist look at Jimdo. I used it to make a simple portfolio website and I had a lot of fun doing it. I actually wanted to add more content to my pages.

I think if you want to build a simple portfolio website, or a basic small business website Jimdo is a great option.

I’ll be creating some tutorials on how to use Jimdo as well as doing a full review of the platform so stay tuned.

If you are interested try Jimdo free for yourself !

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Jimdo so leave them in the comments below!


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