WordPress Security Basics: Simple Login Lockdown Plugin

This one small wordpress plugin can do a lot to help protect your site from unauthorized intruders.

Why You need it:

Prevent brute force attacks from evil 3 headed hacker bots!

What will it cost you?

It’s Free!!!

Is it worth it?

This is an essential plugin for basic wordpress site security.

What’s the rundown?

People who want to break your site are out there. It’s unfortunate, but it is the truth. These jerks are after your hosting resources. They want your websites resources to do their bidding, like using your website to send out spam, or hack other peoples websites. So save yourself some headache by taking some basic precautions like installing Simple Login Lockdown.

Good site security doesn’t just benefit you, but it also benefits the community of people like who are trying to add value to the web. If hackers get into you site you may not even notice, but they may be using your hosting resources to hack other sites, send out spam or any number of not so nice things. Simple Login Lockdown is a great free wordpress security plugin and easy way to add increased security to your site.

Simple Login Lockdown plugin prevents hackers and hacker bots from doing a brute force password attack.  In other words it keeps them from just trying every password under the sun until they find one that works. It’s a very basic concept and one that will discourage hackers from targeting your site.

How does it work?

The plugin limits the number of failed login attempts from the same IP address. Once the threshold has been reached it will not allow additional login attempts from that IP. The default is 5 attempts. Once the plugin has detected 5 failed attempts it will by default block that IP address from making additional attempts for 60 min.

simple-login-lockdown-settings-bigYou can change the settings for the number of attempts and for the amount of time the login is locked out. You’ll find the settings under “Settings > Reading” in your WordPress dashboard after installing the plugin. Take the first easy step to making your site more secure by installing and activating this plugin.

It’s so simple and basic, you wonder why it’s not part of the standard WordPress install!

Find Simple Login Lockdown on the wordpress.org

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