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Build Website Today!

  • Get started with the best website builder software.
  • Learn how to create a website that will grow with you.
  • Build a website with free step-by-step guidance.

What You Will Learn:

  • The Best Website Builder Software
  • Learn How To Build Your Website From Scratch.
  • Build A Website That Will Grow With You.

Learn How To Make Your Own Website!

Build A Website Today!

Learn How To

Build A Website

Step By Step

What You Will Learn:

  • The Best Website Builder Software
  • How To Make A Website From Scratch
  • Build A Website That Will Grow With You.

How To Make Your Own Website!

Create A Website. Create A New Oportunity.

When you build a website it can open up a whole new world of opportunity. It can be the start of a new career or the best way to launch a new venture.

My tutorials, and the tools I recommend, focus on helping you find the easiest way to make your own website. It’s really easy to over complicate the process of building a website. Creating a website does not have to be hard.

Fortunately, there is website building software that is easy to use and powerful.  In my free course I’ll show you how you can use and take advantage of the best website builders to make just about any kind of website.

Learn how to get started creating your website the right way!

Image of a webpage created with Divi, the best website builder for WordPress.

Hi! I’m Tim Martin.

I’m not some sort of code writing Genius. Or website Guru. I’m just an average guy looking to help the average guy or gal find the best and easiest way of building a website.

I struggled building my first website. I tried at least a dozen different platforms and themes until I found something that was actually easy enough and flexible enough to allow me to create my first website.

I started Real Website Hints to test and review website builders. It’s my goal to help you find the best tools and services for creating a website. The best website building tools that will allow anyone to quickly and easily make a website.

My free course is where I have put everything that I’ve learned into one place so that I can save you as much time and frustration in building your website.

Image of Tim during a website builder software review.



Easy way to move your wordpress website

If you are looking for a super easy way to move a WordPress website the video I created below will show you how to do it. The tool is free to use as long as your site is fairly small. If it's larger you will have to pay to use it. The only thing that you need to make...

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