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What makes a WordPress theme look great? I find that 90% of the time what makes a theme look great in the theme store are amazing images coupled with great graphic elements. Most great looking themes just let the images shine.

So how do you make attractive looking images for your website?

This is something that I have been struggling with for a while now. I use Photoshop, but Photoshop is expensive and frustrating. Photoshop is not a tool that I would recommend to someone who’s primary focus is not graphic design. Photoshop takes effort to learn, and it can be frustrating .

I recently discovered this new service called Canva. Canva is aimed at helping you make great images and graphics easily.

Canva is more than a tool, it’s also a supply of images and elements. When you use Canva you aren’t starting from scratch. Canva gives you all of the elements and images that you need. There are fonts, stickers, and all sorts of design elements. Plus they have a built-in image library. You can of course also upload your own images. Many of the elements are free. Any premium element or image is just $1 for each one. This makes Canva not only easy to use but very affordable. Especially when you compare it to using other online image libraries.


When you first sign up you are greeted with a quick tutorial that helps you get started.

Go ahead give it a try! It’s Fun!


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