About The Page Templates

The Divi theme is one of my favorite themes for WordPress. I love the fact that the developers continue to improve the theme and continue to add new features.

One of the best features that they have added is the ability to export page designs. This allows you to develop a page somewhere else, like on your mac or pc. When your page design is finished you can then upload that completed design to your live website.

It also allows the Divi community to share webpage designs which can make the process of building a website much quicker. See a page template that has been designed and shared for Divi you can just download it and modify it to make it work for your website!

I learned a lot in making these page designs! I’m happy to share them with the community.

If you are new to Building websites and would like to learn how to get started I offer a free course on how to make a website with the Divi theme. It’s a great way to get started the right way building a WordPress Website.

Interested in improving your page design?

I’d love to share some of the cool easy to use tricks that I learned while making these page designs. I’m not really a webpage designer, more of a design hacker looking for what’s easy and what works. My goal with this site is to help those new to web design find the best and easiest ways of making great looking websites.

If you interested I’m working on some free tutorials where I’ll walk you through how I built these pages.

For the price of taking a buddy out to lunch you can learn some easy tricks to improve your web page design.

I use sponsored links to support this website and the free content that I offer. My opinions are my own and I only recommend product that I use, or products that I would recommend to a friend.

How to Get the Templates.

To download the free templates click on the button bellow. Then choose if you want information about my mini course or if you just want to download the free templates.

If you don’t have Divi yet check out the theme, I think it’s a great value!

Check Out DiviGet The Free Page Templates:

Get The Page Templates

You can also check out the pages themselves using the links below.


  1. scott

    trying to download the 3 free templates

      • Gabriela

        Just the Mobile template is accepted when you try to import the .json file: the other two generate an error message like “These files should not be imported in this context”. Is it normal they only weight 800 Kb or so? Because the Mobile template is kind of 3 Mb and is the one that works. I love the Awesome Band template, but I´ve tried many times and it´s useless 🙁

        • Tim Martin

          Sorry you are having trouble with it. I just tested it again and everything seems to be working fine for me. Here are a couple of things to check. Do you have the latest version of Divi installed? Are you creating a new page, turning on the Divi builder and then using the up and down arrow icon to import the file?

          • Gabriela

            It worked! I was trying to import the .json file directly to Divi Library; now I tried from pages using the arrows. You are the best, thanks! 🙂

  2. armando

    i tried this and its not working. did it on the new page with the arrows and it says These files should not be imported in this context.
    i think our upload is set to 2mb. is this why?

    • Tim Martin

      Do you have the latest version of Divi installed? Are you creating a new page, turning on the Divi builder and then using the up and down arrow icon to import the file?


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