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dreamhost-hostingWhy do I recommend DreamHost?

I’ve been using DreamHost for years I’ve gotten to know the system and have had really good luck with their hosting service. DreamHost doesn’t play games to get you to signup for their hosting. They give you their price up front. I’ve noticed that other hosting companies offer low monthly prices, however if you look at the fine print… that is after you find the fine print, it tells you that after the introductory period their hosting prices jump up as much as 3x – 4x! Yikes! I like to know what I’m getting into in the first place.

Continue on to read the step by step instructions….

If you don’t like DreamHost you can always switch. It’s never been easier to move your WordPress website. Check out my video and tutorial on how to move your WordPress website the easy way.

Set up hosting on DreamHost

Check the side bar on this page or the Real Website Hints Homepage for a DreamHost Coupon Code.

This is an affiliate coupon code. I recommend DreamHost because I use DreamHost.

Log on the the DreamHost website. Click the Sign Up Now! Button:

On the Create an Account Page fill in your email and password and security question.

The next page is the Configure a Domain page.

When you sign up for hosting you are given the opportunity to register a new domain for free. If you already have a domain you can point it to DreamHost or get an authinfo code to transfer your registration to DreamHost. I like to keep everything as simple as possible so I keep all of my registrations and hosting with DreamHost. Fewer bills fewer things to remember.

You can also set this up later and build your site online using the dreamhosters subdomain. Learn how to set up a temporary website development space with DreamHost.

The next page will give you the option to purchase one year or two years of hosting. If you are new to the web just know that it usually takes at the minimum of 6 mo. to start building any sort of traffic to your site. So a one year plan makes a lot of sense.

The Next page, Review and Finalize, you will enter in your billing information and be given the opportunity to enter in that coupon code that you found either on the side bar of this page or on the Real Website Hints Home page.

After the sign up you may see an offer for private servers. If you are just starting out you don’t need this. You will only need to worry about this after your site has been up for a while and you have started to get lots and lots of traffic. So skip this offer.

Next step is to login to your DreamHost Web panel.

You will be taken to the Dashboard when you first login. This has information about what’s new with DreamHost, but we want to get started building our site! So lets do that! Look at the top left for the “Toolbox”. Select Manage Domains.

If you registered a new domain when you signed up continue on with this tutorial. If you are looking for a temporary place to build your site while you transfer your domain, or decide on a domain name check out: Develop your WordPress site online using a DreamHost subdomain

Verify that the domain you registered says “Fully Hosted”. If it is not click Add Hosting.


Let’s verify that all the hosting settings are the way that we want them. By default they should be, but lets just check. Click on edit under “Fully Hosted”


The first section “Domain Name”gives you options on how you want your domain to show up. you are given the option of, or to leave it the way that it was entered by the user. By default it should be set to add www. This is the setting that I usually use.

This setting can effect the way that search engines look at your site. If you use both http:// and http://www search engines may see this as duplicate sites and hurt your rating. It’s a good idea to just pick one or the other and stick with it. That means that all the links that you create that point back to your site should always use which ever one you chose.

The next important thing to look for is under “Web Option”you want to make sure that Page Speed Optimization is TURNED OFF. It is by default. This feature is great once your site is build and ready for an audience. It caches your site and helps it to load faster for your viewers. However, when you are building your site it creates a lot of problems. The caching is slow to refresh so changes you make to your site can take a very long time to show up. While you are building your site this can be very frustrating!

Also under “Web Options”is CloudFlare. We also want to make sure that this is turned off. CloudFlare is a caching, load balancing, with a dash of security service. The basic version comes with your DreamHost account. It can be really helpful, but it’s not helpful when you are building your site, so make sure that it is turned off.

If you made any changes the click the “Change settings”button under “Google Analytics”otherwise let’s load WordPress!

Install WordPress

Scroll backup to the Toolbox and select One click install


Select WordPress

Press the “Custom Install Button”

In the “Install to”drop down menu select your domain that you want WordPress installed on.

The database setting should be set to, “Automattically Create Database”

Now this is really important. You want to be sure to UNCHECK the “Deluxe Install”box. I’m sure that this feature is really beneficial for some users, but this isn’t the Real Website Hints way. We want to make our lives as easy as possible and avoid clutter and complications. The deluxe install adds a bunch of themes and plugins to your site that you don’t need. It sounds harmless, but in the future it could pose a security threat to your site. Unused plugins and themes even when deactivated can potentially create a back door for hackers to get into your site. You only want to have the themes and plugins that your site requires. You also always want to keep your themes and plugins up to date.

Press the “Install it for me now”button. Wait for the sound that you have a new email from the Happy DreamHost installer bot! So make sure to check your email.


In that email under, “1. Please create an admin user at:”


You will be taken to the final steps of the WordPress install on your site.

Fill out the form by entering in a site title and creating a username and password.

Important! When selecting a username do not just use admin or the name of your site. This is another common security threat to your site. Unfortunately there are hackers out there and they want to hijack your site. They are after your servers resources so that they can can cary out attacks on other people. Take one easy step to keeping your site safe by choosing a unique username and a secure password.

Enter in your Email address

In the “Allow search engines to index this site”box. That is up to you. During development I suggest turning this feature off. When your site is ready be sure to turn it back on.


Click “Install WordPress”

On the next page click “Log in”

WordPress is now installed on your domain, and you are ready to create your site!


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