How to install page templates into the Divi Theme

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One of the really cool things about the new Divi 3 theme is that you can easily upload page templates to your site. It’s a fast way of creating great looking websites. There are both paid and free page templates available for Divi. I have a listing of free page templates available for Divi. In this video I’m going to show you exactly how to use these page templates on your own Divi website.

If you are new to the Divi theme I’ve included convenient sponsored links to Divi in this article. You can also learn more about the Divi Theme by check out my reviews of the Divi.

I also offer a free course website building course that will help you get started building your website and that will show you exactly how to use the Divi Theme

This video is part of my complete course for building a website with he Divi Theme. My course covers everything from planing your site to the basics of web design. I’ve broken it down in to actionable steps. I’ll guide you thru every step of building your site. I’ve set my course to help you avoid getting information overload by helping you take it one step at a time. Focusing on the basics and most important things first, and then gradually adding in more elements to help you fill out a complete site. What excites me about websites is that anyone with limited resources can reach out to the world, spread their message and grow their business. I want to help you do that.

So go ahead and get started! Check out the video and I’ll show you exactly how to use and install page templates into the Divi theme.

If you have a question about this video, building websites with Divi or anything else leave them in the comments bellow.


  1. Duncan wright

    Hi Tim,
    Thanks for the coming-soon/splash page downloads, very helpful to have a page I can brand and have as a placeholder while I build my site. However, even though you show how to remove menu bars and so on, you don’t explain how visitors can find this page by typing in our main domain URL. When I type this in a browser, I go to a very random WP blog page (that I don’t want anyway, because I want to use a Divi blog template).
    I can’t seem to get rid of this blog page, and it is the default for my URL – and I don’t see anywhere where I can make a different page – such as this coming-soon page – the default. Thanks Tim, love your helpful videos.

    • Tim Martin

      It’s pretty easy (once you know how to do it). From the back end go to Appearances > Customize. In the menu on the left select Homepage Settings. Select A static page and select the page that you want as your Homepage. Make sure you publish the change at the top and you’re all set!

  2. Duncan

    You are the MAN Tim, thanks. I don’t know where DIVI would be without you!

  3. Duncan wright

    Hey Time – rather than keep bothering you, I probably need a different resource for support (and DIVI’s is not the best) but when I go in the back end to change my homepage it requires that I also have a “post” page – so I deleted the horrible WP standard blog and named my DIVI blog template “blog” and published it. So now I have two published pages, my coming soon page and my Divi blog page. But when I enter my site name as a URL in my browser “” I get the same old horrible WP generic empty blog – not my “coming soon” page, and not even my still undesigned Divi blog page.
    Is there a tutorial on this?
    Also, I didn’t download and install WP on my Siteground site, it did it all for me. Hope that’s OK.


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