What is the best way to build a website?

What Is The Best Way To Build A Website?

I’ve made it my mission to help you find the best and easiest ways to build a website. A website is a powerful tool, but it does not have to be hard to build.  On this page I’ll go over all of the different ways of easily building a website.

I’m genuinely interested in seeing you succeed with your website. I want you to take yourself, your business or your organization to the next level. A great website is one of the best ways to do that.

If you just want to dive in and get started building your website now; I offer a free tutorial series, build a website in less then 2 hours, where I’ll show you how to set up the tools that I used to build this website.

If you want to check out more options for building your website, keep reading. Let’s find the best method for you to build your website with. Throughout this guide I’ll link to additional free tutorials to help you build your website using some of the tools I discuss in this guide.

If something isn’t clear or you have a question leave it in the comments below!

Disclosure: My recommendations on this site are the same advice that I would give to a friend. In most cases my top recommendations are the tools and services that I use myself. I use affiliate links throughout this site. These links cost you nothing extra, in some cases they will provide you with a discount. If you use these links and get the product I’ll receive a commission. This helps me keep this website running. Thanks for your Support!

What does it take to build a great website easily?

The most important factor to easily building a great website is finding the right tools. Choosing the right tools is the difference betweeneasily making a website, and getting frustrated with the website building process.

Using the right tools makes it quick and easy to build a great website. The wrong tools can waste your time and make the process more difficult then it needs to be.

What to look for when choosing website building tools: 

  • Does the tool make it easy to build webpages?
  • Will my website be easy to manage?
  • Does it offer the ability to add the functionality that I need in the future?
  • Can I get started quickly?

The first tools I tried to use to build a website, did not meet these criteria. I tried lots of tools and wasted plenty of time and money on things that just didn’t work. I became so frustrated after weeks of trying different things; I thought I would never be able to finish my website.  Finally found tools and a method that actually made building a website fun and fairly painless.

Once I found the right tools I had a website up in a matter of a few days. The tools you choose make a huge difference!=

Because of that difficult first experience building a website. I decided to start Real Website Hints and my YouTube Channel. I don’t want anyone to go thru the pain I did building my first website.

Let’s dive in and look at some of the common ways of building websites and find the way that is right for you!

Website Building Software

Website building software is software that you can download onto your computer and use to help you write code. The whole purpose of most website building software is as a shortcut to writing and creating code. It offers a place to write code and in some cases a graphical interface to help the user visualize and modify the code they are writing. Examples of website building software are:

If you are already an HTML and CSS expert and are looking for a tools to help you visualize and write code more quickly these tools can be great options.

If you don’t know how to code, you want to skip this category of website builders. These tools are really designed to help people who already know how to code. There is also a lot more to a website then building pages. Many people expect websites to do more then just display information. Things like help them to build an email list, easily create and display a blog or even build an online store. If you use this type of website building software, adding additional functionality like these examples would require knowing even more code.

Website building software like these are great tools, but not exactly an easy way to build a website.

All-In-One Website Builder Platforms

These platforms are specifically designed to help you easily build a website. When you sign up for an all-in-one platform they provide you with everything that you need to build a website. The website hosting, website page building software and any additional functionality like an online store, blogging platform or anything else that you might want to do with your website. Examples of all-in-one website builders are:

Advantage of All-In-One Website Builders

There are both an advantages and a disadvantages to this way of building a website. One clear advantage is simplicity. You only have to deal with one company for everything you need for your website. Setting up a website on these platforms is quick and easy. If they provide the exact functionality that you need for your website this method can be a great choice.

Disadvantage of All-In-One Website Builders

The disadvantage is that you are also completely dependent on that one company for everything that has to do with your website. You can only add the functionality and the features that they offer or provide. Everything about how your website works comes from one company. If anything were to happen to the company or if they decide to change the services that they offer you are stuck with that decision.

These all-in-one platforms can be great for building small websites quickly and easily. If they provide the specific functionality that you need for your website that can be a big bonus and might be the right way for you to build your website with.

A little bit more about the specific all-in-one website building platforms:


Wix offers many choices for adding additional functionality to your website. They have some great functions for restaurants such as online ordering and table reservations. If you run a small service business Wix offers an invoice functionality. You can use this to send a invoice to your customer directly thru their platform. You can easily create an online store with Wix. They even have a hotel booking system. The Wix page builder is very easy to understand and get started with.

Wix is a good choice if you need to build a website with just a few pages that offers the specific functionality that the Wix platform offers. If you are interested in using Wix to build your website I have a Website Tutorial that will show you how to get started building a website with Wix.


Squarespace Is a good platform for creating an all-in-one website with a blog. I feel the page building platform is a bit difficult to understand.  Some people love it, in my tests I found it limiting and difficult to use. Squarespace also has a limited number of additional functions that you can add to your website. They cover the basics for functionality, but you may want more options.


WordPress.com Is an all-in-one platform that is related to the open source WordPress platform. There are lots of options with this platform and it is good for blogging. It is also possible to set up an online store and other functions with this platform. In my experience however some of the best tools available for the open source version of the WordPress platform are not available for the WordPress.com version.

Jimdo and Weebly I have only had limited use with these platforms. They seem great for making basic websites easily, but as with the other all-in-one platforms you are restricted by the type of functionality that you can add to your website.

Open Source Website CMS Platforms

Open Source Website Platforms are also sometimes referred to as CMS or Content Management Systems. The main advantage of an open source website platform is that you get a license of the software that you can install or have installed on your server.

Here is a list of the largest open source website platforms:

Open source software is free for anyone to use, add to or expand upon. It’s also free to modify and to add to it’s core capabilities. This has lead to a significant amount of added functionality for these platforms. The philosophy behind open source software is that if there is a need or a problem to overcome someone in the community of people using the software will come up with it. Then share or make that solution available to the rest of the community.

This concept of adding feature and functiong to solve needs or problems is especially true for WordPress. Almost anything that you can think of doing with your website you can do with WordPress.

Should something happen to the organization behind the open source software you have your very own copy of the software. So no mater what happens to the organization behind the CMS your website will keep working. This also give you more flexibility. You can move your website from one hosting company to another. Open source CMS means freedom.

This freedom does have some downsides. These platforms are more complicated to set up then the all-in-one website building services. They are component systems. You need to find a company to host your website, you need a theme to give your website a look and you need to find plugins to add functionality to your website. Also the responsibility to keep everything working on your website is yours. Fortunately there are great services, especially for WordPress that make this all fairly easy.

I have personally tried all three of these open source platforms. WordPress is the most widely used and the easiest to build a website with. In fact more then 50% of websites built use WordPress. This is according to W3techs.

WordPress is the best of these open sources CMS platforms for beginners to start with. It has the most available tools to help you easily build a website with.

Drupal and Joomla are also good platforms, but they more frequently used by professional website developers and people who are good with code. There are some easy to use tools and plugins available for Drupal and Joomla, but there are far more options available for WordPress.

Since WordPress is so popular there are lots of tutorials and ways to find support for your website. The WordPress community is open and generally willing to help. It’s a great community to be a part of.

What Is The Best Way To Make A Website?

The best way to build a website is the way that works for you and that meets your needs. That’s the bottom line.

What I recommend for most people is to build a WordPress website. Yes it is a little more complicated, but I think that the flexibility that WordPress websites provide are worth the extra effort.

The key to easily making a WordPress website is to make sure that you choose the right tools and services. WordPress offers a lot of options. There are multiple ways to do just about everything with WordPress. With so many options it can be difficult to know what the right WordPress tools are. Using the wrong tools can lead to a lot of frustration with WordPress. Many WordPress tools are not easy to use.

I test and look for WordPress tools and services that make building WordPress websites easy. If you would like to find a way to build a flexible site with WordPress I have several tutorials and reviews to help you get started easily.

If you’d like to get started or learn more about WordPress I have two options.

  1. Start my online free online course. This is my quick start guide to building a website with WordPress. I will walk you thru how to set up a WordPress website using my favorite tools. I’ll go step-by-step and show you exactly how to set everything up and start building your website. Part two I’ll show you how to start building your web pages. 
  2. Check out my guide to WordPress. I’ll introduce you to all of the things that you need to set up to create a WordPress website. I’ll show you the basics of WordPress and then introduce you to several tools and services that you can choose form to build your WordPress website.

Have a question or comment? Leave it below! I want to see you succeed at building a great website!